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As you read this I will likely be in Toronto, soaking up all the wonderful songs of the incredible Mumford and Sons. While I’m gone, please welcome the lovely Mandy from Manderz Musings, a lady who’s rapidly become a fast friend, full of wonderful stories, conversation and helping me in everything from condensing Weddingbells word counts to fathoming Microsoft Excel! She’s ever so kindly written a post for today – thank you, Mandy for helping hold down the fort :)

Last week, Emily and I had a conversation about how the concerts you really want to see, never seem to come anywhere near where you live. Unless you happen to live in one of the “big” cities that every tour seems to stop in. Our chat got me thinking though, and I realized that while this may seem true, I’ve been to some pretty awesome concerts right in my hometown.

I can remember my very first concert like it was yesterday. My friend Jill and I went to see Treble Charger playing at the Calgary Stampede when we were 15 or 16. It was never about the group itself, which is good since I only knew one song, but solely about the concert experience itself. We arrived fairly early, and found a spot on the grass which was far enough back that we weren’t being pushed around by people trying to get as close as possible. As it got closer to the start, the grass got more and more crowded so we stood up and tightened all the straps on our backpacks. The band runs on stage, and suddenly the people around me erupt into a mosh pit. It was amazing. I jumped and fist pumped and bounced off of people doing the same. My friend and I held hands at many points so as not to get separated. We ended up on the edge of circle pit, and passed crowd surfers overhead. Unfortunately our evening ended early when my friend realized wearing sandals had led to a toenail being smashed and bloody. I left the grounds feeling full of life, and couldn’t wait to do it again.

The next concert I went to was solely about the artist: Shania Twain. Yes, I listen to country music, and she’s been one of my favourite artists since I was a kid. Her first show in Montreal was sold out before I could convince someone to go with me, but when she announced a second date I was all over that like a fat kid and ice cream. A friend and her sister were going to come with me, and their mom was willing to order tickets for us the moment they went on sale. I wanted front row center, so I was a bit disappointed when I heard we got the first row in the stadium but not on the floor. When we got to the venue though, all my annoyances were forgotten. We sat in our seats, singing along to every song, only stopping to eat a Twizzler or ask the drunken lady in the row behind us to please stop hitting us while she danced.

In high school and immediately after, I went to a few smaller concerts with various boyfriends and friends. Matthew Good, Nelly Furtado, Hinder, Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman, Keith Urban… The genres were varied, as were the venues. Some of them are mere blips on the radar, others offer more fulfilling memories. I remember that the Green Day concert was filled with people getting high on weed, and I was panicking that my parents would get mad at me even if I didn’t do it myself. At a Gwen Stefani concert, we sat at the far end of the arena, but at one point she ran over, and stood a few rows below us. I had blurry pictures on my cell phone for months after. Windsor backpages Hamilton backpages Winnipeg backpages


Lately though, I haven’t been to any concerts. There just haven’t been any that I consider worth the price of a ticket. Plus since moving, I have to travel a lot farther to attend most concerts. Maybe one day I’ll find another one to attend. Because seeing a live show certainly surpasses listening to them on repeat in your car. And if the Spice Girls should decide to do a second reunion tour, I’d totally be there.

What is the best concert that you’ve attended? Worst? Ever witness any mishaps?

Thanks again to these two lovely ladies for sharing their stories this weekend! I’ll be back on Wednesday with stories from the whirlwind of a long weekend, and if you have a minute to spare, my fourth entry in the Weddingbells contest is going up this morning! Thank you for all your support so far; comments over there, as always, would be HUGELY appreciated! Just click the button and it’ll take you to my page where you can leave one :) Love to you all!